bad weather

It's raining, it's raining, it's christmas, it's christmas. Actually no but when you go out for some walk in the dark you see all the christmas ligths decorations, you eat something hot because your blood is cold inside despite the beautifully way you're dressed. Because christmas is something perfect, it's the best time to go shopping and to feel good!
I like the rain as much as I hate it. You've just bought a new pair of boots and you can't put them on because you will have uncontrolled skids because of the heels. Huum it makes me think that i will love to have these wonderful boots from topshop!

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have a nice cold day.
(I'm wearing a colette perfecto, a h&m dress, a h&m belt, colette shoes and a balenciaga bag.)

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  1. j aime, as always, mais you're kinda crazy to go out without tights.