Quelqu'un m'a dit que tu m'aimais encore.

I'm absolutely happy because first of all i must say it's christmas. Then tomorrow i'm leaving to the Netherlands where i will see all my family there and celebrate christmas with them, it would be so cool. Then for christmas i had so cool presents like these pair of boots from zara wich i love them so hard. There are I must say quite high but it's fashion so fashionistas we have to prepare our feet for high heels! This XXL cardigan is incredibly wonderful, it's so simple to put with something and to put on a black jean, it was love at first site.
I'm preparing myself to cold cold days in the Netherlands while here in monte carlo it's raining but it's not freezing. Lucky am I.



Just because I wanted to show you guys my project that I have been working on for 1month. so this is it, my black dress with a grey zip. I'll take a photo of myself with my dress.
my closet is composed on this photo with my self made dress, a h&m black fur, a colette perfecto and a h&m belt wich i love because I can put it very simply.

bad weather

It's raining, it's raining, it's christmas, it's christmas. Actually no but when you go out for some walk in the dark you see all the christmas ligths decorations, you eat something hot because your blood is cold inside despite the beautifully way you're dressed. Because christmas is something perfect, it's the best time to go shopping and to feel good!
I like the rain as much as I hate it. You've just bought a new pair of boots and you can't put them on because you will have uncontrolled skids because of the heels. Huum it makes me think that i will love to have these wonderful boots from topshop!

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have a nice cold day.
(I'm wearing a colette perfecto, a h&m dress, a h&m belt, colette shoes and a balenciaga bag.)


yesterday in the rain

I know that i'm kind of weird of getting out when it rains, but whatever. (I am wearing a zara shirt, a colette perfecto, a h&m jean, colette shoes, a fur h&m and a chanel bag. )
it's the first time i put some photos of myself, i hope you'll enjoy my blog guys.
It's kinda late, it's past midnight so i leave you and i turn out the lights .


silent night

(me wearing a h&m jacket and a black belt.)
saturday i went to a store where i found this belt, i love it! it's so chic and rock, i like to mix it with a jacket or with my black dress that i put on yesterday at the beef bar.
I'm working on to make some photos with a friend of mine who is making so beautiful photos with her nikon projector.
happy holidays guys!


the september issue

Vogue is one of the most amazing magazines. A document inside Anna Wintour's secret. This is THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE. I'd love to work at Vogue one day... or any other fashion magazines!


point fashion icon.



Hervé Léger by Max Azria. As i saw this photo i couldn't resist from posting it here! i think she is one of the most beautiful model, she has such a perfect skin, no i'm not jaleous !! Julija is very beautiful and the dress from Hervé Léger is absolutly wonderful. The boots are perfect with this sort of color. As you can see by my description I adore this outfit.


moral dilemma

Les cuissardes sont les bottes tres tendances cet hiver! Tres jolie a mettre avec une robe assez courte. Ne pas trop rajouter de bijoux sa fera TOO much sinon! si vous en voulez et que vous avez un peu peur prenez les en daims sa vous conrespondra mieux, un peu plus discret mais tout aussi jolie! Je vous conseille en daim avec un talon en bois stable ou sans talon, les deux sont jolies! si vous avez plutot des jambes courtes prenez avec des talons ça allongera vos jambes et vous paraitrez un peu plus grande. comme les top models (je sais très bien que vous en rêvez, ne dites pas le contraire!) Petit conseille de filles, si vous aimez le cuir prenez les cuissardes en cuir avec des rayures. Surtout les cuissardes en cuir doivent etre prises avec des talons en bois stable de la meme couleur que les cuissardes ou sinon sans talon, mais pour etre glamour pas de talons aiguilles, bonne chance pour le choix fashionistas et fashionistos! Moi j'ai trouvé paire à mes pieds, en daim sans talons. Parfaites.


In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

Irina Lazareanu, Erin Wasson and Freja Beha Erichsen. Lily Donaldson. Yulia Leontieva. Natalia Podianova.


As long as you know men are like children, you know everything

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous

Hello Constance. Describe yourself. I'm kind and generous. People say I'm their rainbown of their day because I always try to be happy. What is your must have make-up? I think every girl should have with themselves a blush and a red lipstick. I'd love to know more about yourself, can you tell me? Well of course, in my bedroom i have a sewing machine because i sew my personnal clothes. It relaxes me and i love creating things personnly. It would be a great idea to post some photos of your clothes? Of course I'll do when I'll have time. It's a pleasure to show some photos with you guys! What are your favourite brands? I love Erin Wasson x RVCA, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga, Balmain, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Vanessa Bruno and Hervé Leger. What is your favourite shop? Zara is one of my favourite payable shop. Because there is always something you can buy! What is your plan for the future? I'd love to be a journalist in fashion. Because fashion is my passion, i can't live without it. How much money do you spend on clothes a month? It's very different. When I'm able to go shopping I don't miss an opportunity. What is the most you've ever spent on a clothe or accesories? I think that was my Chanel Bag. What are your hobbies beside fashion? I love to dance. Since I'm 6 years i am dancing classic. I also love to eat at a restaurant with some friends. What is your favourite food? I love chinese and japanese food as I went to China last year and to Tokyo last february! How do other people react about the way you dress yourself? It depends. On the one hand some love it and on the other hand they think it's a beit weird. The most important thing is that I love the way I'm dressed and that I feel confortable in it! What is your favourite item at the moment? XXL cardigan and high heels! Do you like travelling? I love travelling around the world. Every holiday my family and I are travelling to new destinations! How big is your closet? It is HUGE! I have so many things. Do you have any siblings? Yes, I have an older sister. What is your hair color? When I was a child I used to be blond but now I have brown hair, and it's natural! And I have blue eyes. When I was a child I was perfectly the dutch girl! Do you choose your clothes spontaneously? It depends. Some times it takes me less than a minute and some times I have to change 4 times. When did you begin to love stylism? I think I was 12 years old. I was waiting in a room and I saw a Elle magazine, and since this time I'm in love with fashion! What is your favourite magazine? It's Vogue, Elle, Jalouse and Glamour. Where did you find inspirations for your outfit? In magazines, photos and blogs. What are your favourite style icons? Erin Wasson, Nicole Richie, Carine Roitfeld, Rumi Neely, Hanneli Mustaparta and Mary- Kate Olsen. On the whole what can you say? I am a cool fashion lover.